10×10 Space

This is the most common sized space to rent. On rare occasions we can offer a larger size if needed. This size accommodates those who have larger items such as several different pieces of furniture.

5×5 Space

This space is very popular for those vendors that typically only need a table type set up. Use the wall, the side, be creative.

Shelf/Wall Space

This is a good option for those that have smaller compact type items to sell. These spaces are really good as they are normally placed in high traffic areas with good visibility.

We even have a daily option….

We provide a dedicated spot in the store for you to set up a table. We provide the table and will announce to our social media crowd that you will be there.

Be our guest vendor…

Use the online booking tool below to reserve your date. All bookings are $25 per day and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Online scheduling