Our Vision

We believe that success comes in numbers. With that said, we have over 30 local small business owners/entrepreneurs selling their very own and unique items. We want to be the Gift Shop/Boutique you think of when you are looking for anything for anyone in the family. Yes, that includes the dog too.

Our Story

The Military brought us here over 3 years ago and since then have retired here and now call the Watertown area home. Julie has been a long time Avon Rep and truly understands some of the struggles of being a vendor. Most of the time the struggle is getting enough opportunity to showcase your products. Even with that there is still a cost. We want to help those who are just like us. We want to use this opportunity to help give opportunity.

Just a few months ago we were given an opportunity to sell our products out of the State St. Market. We are forever grateful for that as our vendor booth did really well. One thing led to another and we decided to go a little bigger and open our own store following the same concept. We hope this will help others grow their business at the same rate in which ours did.

Meet the Owners

Matt Lichtenauer

Owner of Downtown Julie Brown. Matt is a 20 year Retired Veteran. He has a business and logistical background and will run all the behind the scenes duties for the store. If you happen to see him at the store feel free to say hi. You will most likely find him sitting on the comfy chair.

Julie Lichtenauer

Co-Owner of Downtown Julie Brown. Julie is most likely who you will see as she is the face behind Downtown Julie Brown. She is the local Avon Lady and most likely known on post for her work at the PX. She has a long history of sales and customer service work and will do everything possible to make sure you have a great shopping experience with us.